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The Certification Process

The Certification process includes the following stages:

Request a quote from IQC, on specific application form, available for each standard, Base on the information from the application, IQC wiil send a quotation
Receive and agree / sign the quotation return to IQC.

An auditor is allocated for the requested audit according to the scope of the company and the competency availability of the auditor.

The company Submits of a quality manual, management review, internal audit, and the scope of Certification about a month before the audit.

An audit date is agreed with the auditor.

Confirming the date of the audit on the form sent by IQC.

Any comments the auditor may have for the documentation that was submitted is sent back to the organization before the Certification audit takes place.

The audit will be conducted by the auditor at the organization.

In the event that nonconformances have been recorded, the organization will send a Corrective Actions report to IQC.

Approval of the nonconformances by the auditor and recommendation for Certification, or a request from the auditor to the organization to send further actions.

After approval by the Certification committee, a draft certificate will be sent to the organization for approval.

Issuance of certificate after approving the draft, signing a commitment to the process, and resolution of all financial obligations.

Organizations approved by IQC receive international certificates which carry proof of Accreditation from the international bodies, in a wide range of quality standards for specific sectors including: automotive, sport, medical devices, aviation, communications and data security, food, agriculture and organic, social and corporate responsibility, environment, cosmetics and more.

Any organization is entitled to submit a complaint in writing, e-mail or using the "contact" button on our website and we are committed to check the complaint and provide an answer. The time for resolving a complaint will not exceed 30 business days. In the event of an unresolved complaint, we will send a letter detailing the reasons for the delay.

Appeals committee – its purpose is to discuss the organization's Certification results. The client is entitled to initiate a petition to this committee to consider their appeal.

For organic produce – a client who sees himself as damaged by a decision of IQC's is entitled to appeal it before the Appeals Committee at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development within 14 days of the date on which the decision was delivered.