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IQC - The Key to Business Success

IQC the Institute of Quality and Control is the largest private certification body in Israel and operates according to the international rules for certification bodies: ISO 17021 and ISO 17065. We certify for Quality Management Systems QMS, Environmental Management EMS, Product Certification and Social Responsibility.

IQC the Institute of Quality and Control was privatized in 2003 after acting for 44 years as a public body. With the privatization, IQC has developed and strengthened and has become a group that includes companies which operate in the following sectors: certification for quality and product standards, inspection and training in various fields.

IQC the Institute of quality control is accredited by RVA, the Dutch certification body, which is recognized in the international community and is a signatory of the MLA (Mutual lateral agreement) with IAF (the global aggregation of accreditation bodies that mutually recognize each others accreditation). An accredited certification body promotes the IAFs vision of "certified once accepted everywhere".

IQC the Institute of Quality and Control has also direct accreditation by SAAS, the American accreditation body, for the SA8000 standard - social responsibility and commitment. IQC is the only certifying body in Israel that is accredited for this standard, and one of only 23 certification bodies worldwide.

IQC the Institute of Quality and Control has cooperation agreements with international certifying bodies:
IQC is the exclusive subcontractor in Israel for the largest international certifying body, Bureau Veritas Certification.
IQC represents additional international certifying bodies including:NSF-ISR for aerospace and defence (AS9100), NSF for BRC Global food standards, and  BRC Global packaging standards.
IQC's certificates are recognized by Israel's Ministry of Defense. In order to be a supplier for the Ministry of Defense, an organization must fill out a technological specification form and have it verified by their auditor.

IQC Certification specializes in the following sectors:
Quality – ISO 9001.
Environmental management – ISO 14001
Green Building standard 5281 (IQC is a member in the Israeli Council for green building)
Occupational Safety and Hygiene – OHSAS 18001
Agriculture standards: BRC, TN10, GLOBALG.A.P, organic inspection and approval, PRIMUSLABS, LEAF MARQUE.
Food safety and quality – : ISO 22000, HACCP, BRC food, BRC/IoP
Information security – ISO 27001
Social responsibility – SMETA, SA 8000, ETI
Medical devices – ISO 13485, CE
Transportation – Israeli standard 9301
Aviation – AS 9100

Eligibility for a IQC Gold certificate are organizations that are certified for three combined standards of quality management systems
Eligibility for the IQC Platinum certificate are organizations that are certified for four or more combined standards of management systems..